What are Movies?

Movies as we all know are also called as films, this uses a visual communication which produces moving pictures and sound that tell stories or documentations that help people to learn. Every individual around the globe watches movie as sort of entertainment and also a way to have fun and relaxed. Some movies are made to be funny to make people laugh, or sometimes a sad stories to make people cry or even terror or the feeling of being afraid. These movies are made to be shown on big screens or in any movie theaters.

After movies are shown on big screens in cinemas for a longer period of time maybe up to several weeks or months, it will be shown on pay television or cable televisions, some are sold or rented as DVD disks so that people who haven't watch the movie or wanted to watch the movie again can view the movies at home.  On today's generation, it can now be downloaded on the internet or a movie streaming. And on the later part, this movies are shown on a local television stations for free. Visit YouTube for an interesting video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGKaeKPzVMM .

A video camera can take pictures very quickly, it usually takes twenty five pictures per frame in one second. After the video camera takes the picture at that rate and being shown on a projector, computer or even a television, it looks like the captured set of pictures are really moving. Sounds can be recorded at the same time or even added it later. The sound in a movie are those sounds which includes people talking, the music, sound effects, the sounds of activities that are happening in the movie, such as starting a car or guns that are being fired. A photographic film was used in the 20th century. The product of the peliculas accion buenas is sometimes called as a film even there are no films being involved.

Now how Peliculas +18 are made? There are this screenwriters, they write the script which is being used by actors to what will they say or do in a story line of the movie. Then a producer, they will hire people to work in the movie and they are the one get all the money that will be needed for the actors and for the equipment. They usually ask for money by borrowing it from the bank or lend some money from an investor for the movie production. The actors and directors depends on the script to find out what to say or do in a movie. Then after all the pictures are being captured, an editor will put all the moving pictures together in a way that the story is being delivered on a set amount of time. Then the audio engineers and sound engineers will record and join it on the movie. After all is being set, it will be copied on a movie labs and place onto a movie reels. Then this reels is being sent to cinemas and will now project the movie on the big screen.